Shahzad  Jamil
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 Personal Information 
Name: : Shahzad  Jamil
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Birth Birth of date: : 13 / 9 / 1986   (DD/MM/YYYY)
Nationality: : United Kingdom
Gender: : Male
Marital Status: : Single
E mail: :
OulderHill Community Community school Hudson Walk Rochdale ol115ef Telephone number 01706 648404 English C,C Maths D ScienceD,D French D Resistance materials D Drama B Religious Studies C
 Work experience
Eye care optical Milkston road rochdale As Part of High School Work Experiance I worked in a opticans.As a personal assistant to the doctor.My Role was to make sure that the phone calls were recieved and also i occasionnaly phoned the supplyers to make orders and also to chase previos orders up. Personally i think i benifited with the experiace andthis proved that althought working is hard it is also a good experiance
 Computer skills
As Growing up using computers i fell i an confatble with computers and i an familuar with the different programms with are linked with computers
 Work skills
As the age of 16 i have always worked my first job was working at JD Sports Wearhose and my role was to order pick and also i would be in charge of the stock controll in the department i worked in. I then started working at Kings way McDonalds in Rochdale. First i started as a crew member.My role was to cook the food and also serve the food. I Gradually worked my way up as a staff trainer. My role was to make sure the food was sent with the best quality and also was to make sure trhe shift ran smoothly. Iwas also given the role to train new starters up and also to make sure that they didnt have any problems. Working for mcDonalds for 4 years i needed a change so that when i was employed by LBM call Centre. As a inbound call centre my role was to Promot Sky viewing and also to sell upgrades to the existing coustomers and also to help with any problems the customers had
Faisal Mohammed ( Shift runner) Kalid Khan ( shift runner) Kings way Mcdonalds Rochdale 01706656238 Asif Khan (legal advisor) Shahraz Jamil (legal advisor) ProActive legal,Milkstone road Rochdale OL111ED 01706640313
 Other Information
In my spare time i often play alot of sports but with football being my best sport i play 3 times a week. Ialso enjoy going to my local gym because i enjoy working out and also i like meeting new people. Im a freindly person and eay to get to know. I can work on my own and also can work as part of a team respecting everyone decisions I always meet deaelines and also i am very punctuall