Ivan  Danilov
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Online salesman

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 Personal Information 
Name: : Ivan  Danilov
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Birth Birth of date: : 24 / 11 / 1989   (DD/MM/YYYY)
Nationality: : Finland
Gender: : Male
Marital Status: : Single
E mail: : vanekdanilov@yandex.ru
English School in Samara, Russia.(1997 - 2007) Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences (2007-2011)
 Work experience
Waiter Coffee House Samara, Russia Waiter Restaurant/bar Kharma Mikkeli, Finland
 Computer skills
Windows XP, Vista, MacOS operating systems. Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Power Point. Internet(Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox)
 Work skills
Good communication skills, ready to work with customers, sociable, punctual. Good use of english, initiative and a great ability to learn.
 Other Information
Intersted in sports. Done taekwondo for 8 years. I love music and going out with my friends. I try to keep to a healthy way of life.